Blog(s) I follow

Okay, well I follow a hell of a lot of blogs, but I’m talking about library-related blogs in this post.

One in particular that I often enjoy reading is Librarian in Black. You can read information about the author, Sarah Houghton-Jan, here.

She primarily blogs about the relationships between things such as libraries, technology, Web 2.0/Library 2.0, virtual services, and anything related to contemporary web tech. There are quite a number of other blogs similar to hers, but I think she strikes a good balance between concrete practical tips and tricks, and reflective analysis of wider issues related to librarianship and technology.

Plus, she commonly writes about mobile technology, which is one of my favourite tech obsessions, so that rocks too.

My other favourite blogs include:

Tame The Web

Academic Librarian

Information Wants To Be Free






P.S. Some questions for others:

Anyone know how to make the blog title “tagline” (i.e. short description of your blog that goes below your blog title) appear? Dunno whether it’s just my theme template but it’s not showing up.

I doubt it’s possible due to JavaScript issues, but does anyone know how to put a LibraryThing widget in my sidebar for WordPress? I saw it at Steph’s Web Adventure (extremely nice looking blog by the way, need to learn how to do some of those things), but hers is a Blogger one.

Also my tag cloud is incredibly ugly – does anyone know how to make it really pretty like those animated rotating tag clouds?

One last Q: how the hell do you insert a break, or whatever it’s called? Like, a blank line. I read somewhere that inserting <p class=”clear”>&nbsp;</p> would do that, but it hasn’t…
EDIT: Nevermind, I found that inserting “


” (without the talking marks) into section under the HTML tab (on the right) when you’re working on a post inserted a break like I wanted. But surely, there has to be an easier way…I must be missing something simple. Any ideas?
EDIT#2: Arg, can’t even make this part of the post properly legible…sorry I’ll fix it later. But the question still stands, surely there’s an easy way to insert a break?

4 thoughts on “Blog(s) I follow

  1. Nice work so far on the blog!

    Re: the widget for LibraryThing, that is actually just HTML code generated by the LibraryThing website (which I presume you can add to a WordPress blog in some form or another?) – it’s not specific to Blogger.

    To insert a break, from memory I think you can use either or * . (remove the *s)

    [The reason “span class” is not working is because (I don’t know how familiar you are with CSS) that’s referring to an external style sheet, which hasn’t been defined in that page’s CSS.]

    Hope that helps!

  2. Hello,
    I apologise for the lateness of my feedback.
    Many thanks for the links you provided on my blog.
    It’s great that you got something out of the goth librarian page. I read through a few of the posts on the goth blog. It seems like librarians can be like teachers/instructors. Librarians need to keep up with technology so as to be able to help users with their problems. I suppose more technology in libraries is the future and you can’t stop the future!
    Kind regards,

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